One Day in Inari – 5 h

One Day in Inari, Visit Siida

Visit Siida and reindeer farm or customize your day. Our one day in Inari is great way to explore Sami culture!

179 € /person
5 Hours 2-8 people

Visit Sámi museum Siida and reindeer farm on one day in Inari tour

Join us to explore the most central place of the Sámi people, the village of Inari. During the trip we will visit a reindeer farm, where we
have the chance to explore reindeer herding and feed the reindeer.

We will explore the Sámi culture in the Sámi Museum Siida and the Cultural Centre Sajos. In addition, we will also visit many types of artisan workshops.

Just the drive to Inari will showcase the beautiful landscapes of Lapland, but in time and depending on the weather, we can also
stop at the lookout spots.

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