Electric Fatbike rentals

60 € / eFatbike
3 Hours 2-6 people

Would You like to enjoy moving in nature almost without effort?

We rent Electric Fatbikes, bicycles which have electric motor which makes cycling a pleasant experience. You can drive even in the middle of nature enjoying scenery, fresh air and quietness. Motors of the bike will assist You, making trip very light. You can also use only motor, so You don’t have to pedal Yourself at all.

Rent-an-eFatbike 3 hrs. For 60€

Full day from 10 a.m. to 8 p.m. 90€

Extra day 50€

Ask availability by chat, email or by WhatsApp.

Electric Fatbike rentals and tours - Ivalo - Inari - Saariselkä