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Daily Updated Aurora forecast for Ivalo, Inari, Kakslauttanen and Saariselkä

The purpose of this page is to provide a revamped Aurora (=Northern Lights) forecast for the area of Inari, Ivalo and Saariselka.

Below on Twitter feed we update our review of today’s opportunity to see the Northern Lights. You can see Twitter messages on this site below.

NOTE! Many KP-indexes used on the website of the Aurora forecast are not the only reliable probability of the probabilities of the Northern Lights. The KP-index only tells you how wide a range Auroras appear. Although the KP-index is very low, it is possible to find the Northern Lights. And even if the KP-index is very high, it does not mean that everywhere Northern Lights will be visible.

Many websites use different metrics and values to estimate the probability of the Northern Lights. Our professinalism is to make daily forecasts and route selections based on different sources of information. Based on our experience and reputation, as well as our regional knowledge, we give an estimate of finding the Northern Lights.

We want you to know that we are going to the Northern Lights only and only when the weather is right and we believe we will find the Northern lights. You can see our succes at Tripadvisor reviews. We can not afford to lose our glorious reputation as a hunter of the Northern Lights.

If the weather is so bad that we do not go on excursion, we will automatically let you know and we will transfer you to the next excursion at no extra cost.

Some operators sell tours on day-time or organize tours on solid base having barbecue and other program and tours are even day-time. Well, that is easy business to organize and make money. You don’t need to cancel booked and sold tours and customer don’t know the truth.

The truth is that most of the time the weather conditions are difficult, and mostly you need to move up to hundreds of miles to find the northern lights. If the Northern Lights tour is held in a fixed place, the likelihood of seeing the Northern Lights falls to a fraction.

Especially in the years 2018-2022, when the activity of the sun is at its lowest in years and gradually increases in the coming years, finding the Northern Lights is challenging.

Our philosophy is different.

Our main purpose is to look for the Northern Lights. That’s why we exist.

Our company was founded in 2017 and we have quickly reached the top of Tripadvisor ‘s reviews for our companies that have been operating for years. We thank our customers, we have had fun!

We understand that Northern Lights are the main purpose of your trip. We follow the weather all day long.

Route selection must be made for each trip separately. We make sure that the forecast has remained good and we are following the evolution of the Northern Lights and the evolution of the weather.

Usually finding Northern Lights requires at least 200 kilometers of driving, even more. During the evening, we usually stop at least 3 to 5 times, so our customers can go out and take a look at Auroras. During the trip, we always try to find only the better Northern Lights.

Northern lights are best seen in the evening and at night. Even if it was dark at 14.00 – 19.00, the appearance of the Northern Lights at that time is very rare.

Often the frost gets tighter at night and makes the sky bright and the clouds don’t hurt the view of the Northern Lights. Mostly, the Northern Lights will appear at 21.00 – 02:00.

We have found that, due to our regional knowledge and experience, 4 hours is the right length to discover the Northern Lights. Sometimes we’ve been up for 6 hours at no extra charge due to changing circumstances and because we wanted our customers to see the Northern Lights.

It would be easier and more profitable for us to organize shorter trips, which would significantly reduce the likelihood of discovering the Northern Lights. But we want our customers on their unique journey, whose main purpose is to see the Northern Lights, when they participate in the Northern Lights Safari, would really see the Northern lights.

Unfortunately, we can’t promise that, except when we do not go on excursion because of the bad weather forecasts to see auroras.

Case 1. You have paid the tour and we cancel the tour (because of weather forecast): We will transfer you to the next Northern Lights Excursion at no extra cost

Case 2. You have paid the tour and we go out for a trip: We don’t return the money even if the Northern Lights are not visible or they are poorly visible.

Looking for nature phenomena is risky, but we have to take a risk. But one more time: if we estimate that there is no chance to see Auroras, we will not leave. We want to see happy customers and joy with them. 96 % of Tripadvisor reviews are 5 on scale 1 to 5. If we wouldn’t do this from our bottom of the heart, the reviews wouldn’t be so high.

We need to pay salaries, pay driving costs etc. and prices of the tours should be much higher if we would give guarantee. But we will not leave, if it’s unlikely to see Auroras.

Simply: It’s all about our reputation! We can’t make business long time if our customers don’t see Auroras and are unhappy and give bad feedback.

Our strong will is offering the best Northern Lights safari in Ivalo, Inari and Saariselka area. Join us!

The Northern Lights season in Finnish Lapland spans from mid-August until early April. Contrary to popular belief, the best times for spotting the Auroras are at the beginning and end of the season.

Statistically, the Northern Lights can be seen on every other night, or even on three out of four nights, during the season in Finnish Lapland. This means the total figure of Aurora nights per year can rise up to 150.

The most common obstacle for spotting the Northern Lights is cloudy weather.

Northern Lights appear very locally so you need to drive even far to find them.



Our principle

In our customer service, we follow the principle that we want to offer the best service we want to get on our own trips.

We recommend that you book Northern Lights trip for the first days of your holiday. In this case, the chance of a successful Aurora safari is greater.

We wish you very fun hunting!

Our Aurora Tour Track Record this Season (2019-2020)

During this autumn we have made 26 Northern Lights Hunting Tours and and we’ve seen the Northern Lights on every trip. The autumn has been quite cloudy and we have had carefully selected the days when we leave.

Our Aurora Tour Track Record on last season (2018-2019)

From 22.8.2018 to 14.4.2019 we made 95 Northern Lights tours. Our success rate was 95,95 %.

The northern lights have sometimes been very powerful, but on some excursions the intensity has been lower. Northern lights are a natural phenomenon and the intensity cannot be known beforehand.

It has required us to cancel out many excursions and payed money, but we want to act according to our principles and get satisfied customers. Our operations are transparent and the review at Tripadvisor.com speak for themselves.

Daily Aurora Forecast

We will publish starting 20.8.2019 our daily updated forecast between 11.00 - 18.00.

Since our operating area is located near the Arctic Ocean, the treadmills vary very quickly. As a result, many days of weather forecasts are unreliable. Our own forecasts and our trips will depend on the weather at some point in our 5300 square kilometer operating area.

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With your excellent reviews You have confirmed that our concept and skills in searching for the Northern Lights is the best.

We have overtaken other companies that have been in business for years both in terms of quantity and quality.

Thank you!

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