Privat Snowmobile Safari for a Single Driver – 2 h

Private Snowmobile Safari for a Single Driver - 2 h

Experience the wild nature and feel the charm of speed on this private snowmobile safari!

239 € /person
2 Hours Privat tour

Private Snowmobile Safari in Ivalo and Saariselkä

Would you like to drive snowmobile just yourself – just You and a guide? Our routes run on varied terrains and fairytale views that make driving awesome! Have you been dreaming of snowmobiling? Your dream can will come true!

We organize private snowmobile safari (also called “ski doo”or “Snowbike”) tours in Ivalo, Inari and Saariselka area.

There are hundreds of kilometers of snowmobile trails to choose and guide will decide the best possible direction based
on your riding skills and weather conditions. On the way your guide will make sure that small wonders of the nature,
like animal tracks, will not be unnoticed.

The average speed during our short tours is limited due to the safety and traffic regulations.

Our excursions can be just driving or driving and doing like going to icefishing. Riding snowmobile is easy and comfortable: we will give all needed warm equipments for You. We are also able to organize long snowmobile adventures if you like.

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Snowmobile safari - Ivalo - Inari - Saariselkä


Note! If you dont’t find bookable days you want to join us, you can still ask us by email. We usually have changes in bookings so there can be space for you!


Didn’t you find safari or activity what are you looking for? We can make for You a unique safari: just contact us! Didn’t you find suitable time for you? Don’t worry, you can still ask us so will find solution for you. Would you like to have private tour? Yes, it’s possible, we would like to arrange all, please contact!

We are looking forward to see you on our tours!