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We are in Ivalo – Northern Finland – and we are able to pick-up you guest from hotels in Inari and Saariselka. Some of pick-up locations are included the price. You will see prices when you make booking.

We have small groups and we have had very happy customers. Our main goal is get our customers happy. As a local people we know places were well and are able to tell history and other information.

If you want to have tailor made safari for small group, please contact us. Yes, it’s possible! We are able to do that and it’s not even expensive.

bandvagn northern lights
Husky safari - Northern Lights Riders - Aurora Ivalo - Inari - Saariselka
Lake and auroras Inari Ivalo Saariselka


Note! If you dont’t find bookable days you want to join us, you can still ask us by email. We usually have changes in bookings so there can be space for you!


Didn’t you find safari or activity what are you looking for? We can make for You a unique safari: just contact us! Didn’t you find suitable time for you? Don’t worry, you can still ask us so will find solution for you. Would you like to have private tour? Yes, it’s possible, we would like to arrange all, please contact us by email or fill in this plan your holiday form.

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