Altai Skiing – 1,5 h

Altai Skiing Tour 1,5 h

Would You like to go easy Altai skiing in beautiful nature?

79 € / person
1,5 Hours 2-8 people

Altai Skiing Tour

Altai ski is much easier than normal cross-country skiing. With these skies you dont fall easier and moving is just so natural.

We can ski everywhere which make skiing much funnier. Mostly we ski in the wilderness mainly untouchable snow but we´ll hear you wishes and make decision with you about skiing on the tracks.

On tour we´ll enjoy hot juice and biscuits. Tour includes pick up at hotels in Ivalo, skies and poles. For extra charge we can go skiing to Inari or Saariselkä hills.

We can customize photo shooting day with skies for you.

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Crossed skies - Altai skiing in Ivalo - Inari - Saariselka


Note! If you dont’t find bookable days you want to join us, you can still ask us by email. We usually have changes in bookings so there can be space for you!


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