Terms and conditions

Cancellation of the reservation:

More than 3 weeks before the safari starts – 100% from the total amount will get back

More than 2 weeks before the safari starts – 60% from the total amount will get back, 40 % will be charged

Less than 2 weeks before the safari starts – 100% from the total amount to be charged.

All changes/cancellations to be received by e-mail  within the office hours in Finland (Mon-Fri at 9-17, GMT +2).

In case of illness:
The reservation will be totally refunded in case the illness is being mentioned as a reason for cancellation. Medical certificate needs to be sent to Northern Lights Riders Ltd within two working days from the cancellation date.

Northern Lights Riders Ltd withholds the right
– To change the prices in the event of a general change of taxes or similar prices beyond our control
– To change the timetables or contents due to ice or weather conditions or similar reasons
– To cancel safari or activity if informed minimum needed person amount is not fulfilled

–  Force Majeure: Northern Lights Riders has right to charge maximum 250 € office fee.
– No alcohol beverages included. All beverages must be paid either on the spot or an additional invoice with 5% invoicing fee.
– Snowmobiling self-liability is max. 900€/accident. All participants must sign a contract where they agree and confirm that they understand the self-liability. Also, possibility that only a company signs the contract when the company is responsible of the possible damages.